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selected clients: 

Free People, UGG, J Brand, AG Denim, ALDO, Lululemon, Specialized Bicycles, LinkedinIN, Roxy, Volcom, Tillys, Sun Bum Sunscreen, Rusty, Quiznos, St Archer Brewery,

Our tendency toward nostalgia is what drives my love for documentation. I truly believe a photograph is the only tangible way to hold on to these lives we live. If time is fleeting, then I find it beautiful and romantic because of that.

I started shooting photos on disposable cameras at recess in the small town I grew up in Minnesota. At 11 I didn’t quite understand our impermanence, but the impulse was there, and it brought me a lot of joy. 

My love for it grew as I did, from high school to college, and out to California. My career took shape in the surf community and led its way naturally into fashion, all the while capturing my life along the way. 

I am drawn to the moments in between, the raw spaces of America, landscapes, the adventure, and the beauty in all of it. 

If I can share the moments I capture with people, if even with just one person, then I've done right by this life.